Bookbinding Products

Welcome to Affordable Binding Equipment–your source for affordable, handmade bookbinding equipment.

If you don’t see what you need here, custom sizes and products are available by request.

Click on a picture below for more information about a specific product or go to the purchasing page for pricing and ordering information.

Affordable Bookbinding Finishing Press or Lying Press Picture

Bookbinding Finishing Press

Affordable Hydraulic Letterpress Printing Press Picture

Hydraulic Letterpress Printing Press

Letterpress Card Edge Painting Cradle picture

Letterpress Card Edge Painting Cradle

Affordable Letterpress Proofing Press Picture

Letterpress Proofing Press

Affordable Bookbinding Plough Handle and Blade picture

Bookbinding Plough

Book Binding Punching Cradle Picture

Sewing Punching Cradle

Aluminium Template with Awl picture

Aluminium Template with Awl

Book Binding Sewing Frame Picture

Simple Sewing Frame

Affordable Lying Press Picture

Lying Press

Book Binding Book Press Picture

Simple Book Press

Bookbinding Lead Weighted Press Board Picture

Lead Weighted Press Board

Deluxe Slotted Book Binding Sewing Frame Picture

Deluxe Slotted Sewing Frame

Tying up Finishing press

Tying-up Finishing press

Brass Boards in Book Press Picture

Brass Edged Boards

Book Binding Combination Book Press and Sewing Frame Picture

Book Press & Sewing Frame

Backing irons in finishing press photo

Backing Irons

Mini Sewing Frame

Mini Sewing Frame

Book Binding Tying Up Boards Picture

Tying Up Boards

Book Binding Mini Punching Cradle Picture

Mini Punching Cradle

Paper Making Press Photo

Paper Making Press

Picture of Miniature Book Press

Miniature Book Press

Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press

Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press

papermaking drying box angle

Papermaking Drying Box

Book Binding Cantilever Sewing Frame Picture

Cantilever Sewing Frame


Customized Book Binding Equipment

Any of these products can be customized to meet your needs. If there is something that you have searched for and cannot find please let me know. There is a good chance I can make it for you.

If your request seems useful to the general bookbinding community, I may consider adding it to my regular line of equipment. Many of the pieces you see above are from previous customer suggestions.