Papermaking Drying Box $690

 Forced Air Papermaking Drying Box

 This Papermaking Drying Box is meant for those who make short runs of handmade paper and want professional, quality results but do not want to pay thousands of dollars for a large commercial drying box.  Because this is a forced-air box, the drying process is faster.  With the 2 press screws, your cardboard will stay flat, the paper will stay flat while drying, and the paper will not shrink, since it is mechanically held in place.

Like many of the products on this site, this Drying Box began as a custom order from a customer who makes paper she sells on Etsy.  This press complements the Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press, which I also built for her. 

Sized To Fit Your Needs

This Papermaking Drying Box will fit cardboard 16″ x 24″ and approx. 15″ tall inside dimension.  You can dry one sheet or fill the box.  The size is ideal for short run handmade papermakers, and schools, colleges and universities who teach papermaking.  There is nothing this size available commercially, and this would be a great addition to your art program.

papermaking drying box angle

Papermaking Drying Box

The drying box is built from hard rock maple, and prefinished Baltic birch plywood.  There is a commercial, quiet, 200 cubic-feet-per-minute fan that blows into an air cavity which forces the flow of air through the cardboard.  You can actually feel a breeze coming out the front.

papermaking drying box fan

papermaking drying box fan

Most papermakers just have a fan aimed at the cardboard and this is not efficient in the drying process, and thus it takes longer.  In experimenting with this drying box, it took about 16 hours to bone-dry the paper.  Your results may differ because of the variables involved.  All this is covered in the Instructions here.

papermaking drying box ready to load

Papermaking Drying Box Ready To Load

This Papermaking Drying Box will give you the quality outcomes you have always wanted but couldn’t achieve with other methods.

For more information and instructions on how to use this Papermaking Drying Box, go here.

Purchase the Papermaking Drying Box – $690

Details for purchasing the  Drying Box are available at the purchase page. Would you like your own customized version? Send me a message on the contact page and let me know how I can help.

Note: This product is a build-to-order purchase.