Paper Making Press – $295

This is a simple inexpensive paper making press.  Platens are 1-1/2″  thick and made from laminated waterproof Baltic birch plywood. A unique feature of this press is that all the flat surfaces are covered with a high pressure plastic laminate covering (like that used on kitchen countertops), which makes the flat surfaces waterproof so they won’t swell, crack or warp from being subjected to lots of water and moisture.

Please note:  In the video, the recess the press screw foot goes in (on top of the upper platen) is no longer a part of this press, as it was found it was not needed and just added extra cost.  The current model is shown in the below pictures.

Hand Paper Making Press Picture

Hand Paper Making Press

The edges are soaked in polyurethane finish for ½ hour each, sanded and waxed.   I suggest drying the press completely between pressings, to preserve your press.  A coat of wax on the wood once in awhile will also help. The color of the laminate on the one you get may be different than the picture, as I use extra pieces from my shop. I try to use mostly wood grain laminate

Paper Making Press Dimensions

  • This paper press is made to fit 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper.
  • The open platen area is 11″ x 13″, which gives about 1″ perimeter around the paper area. This would make room for 11″ x 13″ felts.
  • About 5″ daylight (opening between top and bottom platen)
  • The screw has 2 handles so more pressure can be exerted than the models with just one handle.
  • There are 3/8″ zinc plated bolts that hold it together which run through PVC tubing to keep them from getting wet and seals the holes they go through.

The tops are capped with steel acorn nuts as protection. The bottom has Baltic birch plywood feet with non-skid rubber discs so you can really tighten the screw without the press sliding around on the table.

Hand Paper Making Press Picture

Hand Paper Making Press

One other feature you won’t find on similar models, other than the waterproof plastic laminate, is the upper platen is NOT attached to the screw. This leaves the press completely open for putting the felts in. No more struggling to fit them under the upper platen! Just set them in, place the lower platen on top of the felts, run the screw down and press.

It also comes with a removable base (not shown) that you can couch your paper on and then place into the press.  This makes for easier loading of the press.

You can’t get much simpler than this! Nice and portable for classes and demonstrations! It can also be used for pressing books, flowers, foliage, collage, print making and anything else that needs pressing. A versatile multi-function press at an affordable price.

Purchase this Paper Making Press – $295

Purchase and take delivery of this paper making press by following the steps on the purchase page. Customized paper making presses are available too. Send your special requirements though the contact page and I will get back to you.

This press is heavier than most of my other products. As a result, shipping cost ranges between $50 and $80 for shipping via UPS in the United States, depending on where you live.  You are also welcome to pick it up from my shop and avoid shipping charges.

Also, the cup the press-foot sets into (on the upper platen) has been replaced with a flat piece of flat aluminum, as shown in the pictures.