Letterpress Card Edge Painting Cradle $69

Letterpress Card Edge Painting Cradle

Another customer request, this is a fixture to help you paint the edges of business cards and other printed thick card-stock, printed using a letterpress or other type of press.  If you provide letterpress service to your clients and they have requested to have you paint the edges of the printed card-stock, it’s not easy to do all edges at the same time and this fixture allows you to do just that.  When the cards are pressed between the clamping boards, there is 1/8″ reveal around all the edges for easy access for painting.

Letterpress Card Edge Painting Cradle picture

Letterpress Card Edge Painting Cradle, now longer than shown.

Quality Construction

This clamping fixture is made from Baltic Birch plywood with pine legs.  One clamp comes  with the cradle and how many you need will depend on how large the cards are you intend to paint.  The video shows how the cradle is used and how the various parts come together.

Cradle Dimensions

The cradle in the video will hold cards anywhere from very small up to possibly 9″ x 9″.  The cradle has been redesigned and is now longer, so it now holds about 10″ worth of cards, larger than pictured.

Other Possibilities

If you are looking to do your own letterpress card printing, then I would suggest the Hydraulic Jack Printing press I offer here.   This press comes with a chase and tympan that will aid you in registration and ease in multiple prints.

Purchase this Letterpress Card Edge Painting Cradle – $69.00

This basic price includes the cradle and 1 clamp.
NOTE: .  Depending on the size of the cards you will be painting, you may need 2 clamps, (and maybe even 4 for very large card sizes), as shown in the video.  An additional clamp is $8.00.

You will need a separate set of clamp boards for every size of card you intend to print.  These are $6.00 each set of two and are made from 3/4″ plywood.  If you want to shield them from paint, you can wrap them with masking tape every time you use them.

These are made to order as I don’t stock them.  I can provide a larger size if your project needs it.

Purchase and take delivery of this card edge painting cradle by following the steps on the purchase page. Customized sizes of this are available too. Send your special requirements through the contact page and I will get back to you.