Lead Weighted Press Board – $45

This weighted press board is a laminate covered box containing lead, weighing between eight and nine pounds. This is useful for small pressing jobs so your regular press is free for other things. It also works nicely as a flower press.

Lead Weighted Press Board

Book Binding Lead Weighted Press Board

NOTE: This press board now comes with a handle for ease of use.

The laminate surface is easy to clean and doesn’t warp or become rough from moisture.  It also provides a flat strong surface that will not telegraph any wood grain to the item being pressed–a common problem with  presses made from solid wood or plywood. Edges are sanded and sealed with paste wax for a smooth and professional finish.

Dimensions are: 5-1/4″ x 8-3/8″ x 1-1/2″ thick.

Purchase this Lead Weighted Press Board – $45

Purchase and take delivery of this lead weighted press board by following the steps on the purchase page.

Please Note: The color of the laminate on the press you receive may be different than the picture. To keep these presses as affordable as possible, excess pieces of laminate are used from my cabinet business.

Also, it is not available in custom sizes.