Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press $690

 A Press for the Short-run Papermaker

 This hydraulic papermaking press is meant for those who make short runs of paper and want professional quality results but do not want to pay thousands of dollars for a commercial hydraulic press.  Using a hydraulic paper press insures uniform paper thickness, stronger paper, and makes the drying process shorter.

Like many of the products on this site, this Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press began as a custom order for a customer who makes lots of paper made from scrap she gets, which she sells on Etsy.  This press complements the Papermaking Drying Box, which I also built for her.

Sized To Fit Your Needs

This Hydraulic Papermaking Press will press 15″ x 19″ felts. with a 4 ton hydraulic bottle jack.  This size fits the Papermaking Drying Box I build. The height is adjustable to do just one sheet or a 12″ tall post.  The adjustable feature allows multiple heights without having to add blocks/spacers over or under your post.

Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press

Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press

It is built from hard rock maple, and Baltic birch plywood.  All flat surfaces are covered with waterproof formica.  All lower exposed wood surfaces have been waterproofed with soaking 1/2 hour in polyurethane and then sprayed with multiple coats of the same.  The bottom nuts and washers are hot-dipped galvanized to protect against corrosion.  I tried to waterproof as much as possible to keep the press looking nice and usable for years.   Applying a coat of paste wax once in awhile on the lower wood areas would be advised to protect the lower sections that come in contact with water.

Although this press has been waterproofed, it is not weather-proof and should always be used in the shade, as sun breaks down the wood finish, especially to the upper parts, and the Formica will start to de-laminate in the sun from the heat.

It comes with a removable 1/2″ thick, Formica covered lower platen that you do your post on, and then load the whole thing into the press.

Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press

Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press Ready to Load

Instructions for Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press

Purchase the Hydraulic Jack Papermaking Press – $690

Details for purchasing the hydraulic letterpress are available at the purchase page. Would you like your own customized version? Send me a message on the contact page and let me know how I can help.

Note: This product is a build-to-order purchase.