Brass Edged Press Boards – $65

This is a pair of brass edged press boards used to make the hinge groove once the book has been cased-in. The book is placed in between the 2 boards with the brass located where the hinge will be. This is a step up from using knitting needles or acrylic rod to make the groove.

Brass Edged Book Press Boards Picture

Brass Bookbinding Boards

These brass edged boards are made from cabinet grade plywood and covered with plastic laminate, the same that is used for kitchen counter-tops. This makes the boards waterproof and easy to clean, especially if you get glue on them.  The brass is 3/32″ thick and is mounted only on one edge of the board. The boards are 11-1/4″ wide by 13″ long (the side the brass is on).

Some may feel the height of the brass seems higher than needed.  If it is for your application, you can shim the boards with paper or thin cardboard to raise the text block higher.  I would rather have the brass reveal higher than needed and be able to shim to size than have you use thick book board and then not have it high enough and not go deep enough into the hinge.

Brass Boards in Book Press Picture

Brass Edged Boards in Book Press

Purchase these Brass Edged Boards – $65

Purchase and take delivery of these brass edged press boards by following the steps on the purchase page. Customized brass edged press boards are available too. Send your special requirements through the contact page and I will get back to you.