Bookbinding Tying Up Boards – $115

This is set of tying up boards used to form the cover material over the sewing cords on the spine. They are made of solid birch and baltic birch plywood, with laminated faces of birch veneer. They are sanded and hard-waxed to a professional finish. The boards sit on a lip so they won’t slip through your press.

Book Binding Tying Up Boards Image

Tying Up Boards

Book Binding Finishing Press with Tying-up Boards Image

Finishing Press with Tying Up Boards

While sized to fit the finishing press I offer, they can also be custom made to fit your press at no additional cost.  The second picture above shows the finishing press with the boards installed and demonstrates the lip the boards sit on.  It also gives an idea of what the full setup looks like before starting the tying up process.

A quick search of the internet will show that this a very useful item over the traditional method of tying up all around the book with all the protections needed to keep from denting the cover edges.   I can also modify your finishing press to add the tying up fixture.

Blending the finishing press with  tying up boards results in a Tying Up Finishing Press (see picture).

Dimensions are:

  • Length: 15″ (to fit the finishing press)
  • Overall height: 6-3/4″
  • Height under lip: 5″
  • Pins are brass with rounded heads
Tying-Up Boards In Use Image

Tying-Up Boards in Action–Courtesy of New Zealand customer

I believe you will be satisfied with the quality of these tying up boards.  Tying up fixtures are very rare and expensive if you can find them. This is an exceptional value for the offered price.

Purchase these Tying Up Boards – $115

Purchase and take delivery of these tying up boards by following the steps on the purchase page. Customized tying up boards are available too. Send your special requirements through the contact page and I will get back to you.