Bookbinding Plough – $228



Many people have asked for an affordable Bookbinding Plough (or plow) and here it is.  You don’t need a large expensive piece of equipment when this small and simple plough works just as well.  You’ll find it versatile and useful in a number of ways.

Unique Features of this Affordable Bookbinding Plough

It works on any lying press or finishing press with cheeks of 1-3/4″ wide or wider.  My finishing press is what was used in the above video, clamped upside down.

It does not need a shoulder or groove to ride on as most ploughs require

The blade has many cutting edges providing many uses before sharpening; eight to ten small rotations per blade provide a new cutting edge without needing to sharpen

You can sharpen it yourself in ten minutes (or less) using the provided instructions, handle, and supplies you can purchase locally

With it’s unique design the blade eases into the paper and cuts without tearing

Each blade is made by me from commercial table saw blades.  They are very hard hard and stay sharp for many cuts resulting in no need to adjust the cutter after each cut

Watch the video on the sharpening page for a demonstration of the simple sharpening process.

Affordable Bookbinding Plough Cutting Pages Picture

Bookbinding Plough Cutting Pages

Plough Sharpening Operating Instructions

Separate pages are dedicated to user operating and sharpening instructions.  In addition, be sure to read the page on perfecting your cutting technique.

Purchase the Bookbinding Plough – $228

To purchase and take delivery of a bookbinding plough see your options on at the purchase page.

Extra Bookbinding Plough Blades and Sharpening

Most people find their blade lasts a long time and are easy to self-sharpen with simple items you can find locally. If you don’t want to sharpen your own blade or prefer to have some as backups, I also provide:

$85 – each additional blade with purchase of plough.  Extra blades will not be sold separate from purchase of plough.