Lying Press for Bookbinding – $152


Quality Construction

This is a handmade Lying Press (also known as a laying press) with a stand.  It is made from laminated hardwoods with hard-rock maple jaw faces.  All surfaces are danish oil sealed and hard-waxed to a silky smooth finish (except the faces).  Smooth turning maple handles and ACME double-threaded steel screws bring the press together.

Bookbinding Lying Press Picture

Lying Press

Unique Turning Handles and Steel Screws Instead of Wood

The handles are built to turn in opposite directions (one clockwise and the other counterclockwise) for opening and closing. This change is different from traditional designs. I have found it’s easier to use and allows me to build the press for you at a lower cost.

Most traditional finishing or lying presses are made with wood threaded rods.  This increases the production cost considerably for little benefit.  In my experience, the wood threads eventually chip and break off, not to mention the problems with expansion and contraction from humidity, making it difficult to turn the handles.

I am confident you will be satisfied with the quality and functionality of this lying press.  There aren’t many styles of lying presses available on the market and none that come with a stand.  Look around and you’ll find that this is an exceptional value.

Lying Press Dimensions

Dimensions are approximate as these are made one at a time:

  • Between the screws  15-1/4″ +-
  • Opening size   5″+-
  • Jaw height  3″ +-
  • Screws are 7/16″ ACME steel, double-threaded
  • From the bottom of the stand to the top of the press 9″

It Comes With a Stand

Included with this press is also a simple stand that allows the book to stand free of the table.   This stand is removable for storage or to use the press alone.

Bookbinding Lying Press Stand Picture

Lying Press Stand

Other Possibilities

Available as a separate purchase, Tying-up Boards turn this lying press or Finishing Press into a Tying-up Book Press, also available on this site.
I also make an affordable Plough that works on this finishing press.

Book Binding Tying Up Boards

Tying Up Boards

Book Binding Finishing Press with Tying-up Boards

Finishing Press with Tying Up Boards

Purchase this Bookbinding Lying Press – $152

Purchase and take delivery of this lying press by following the steps on the purchase page. Customized lying presses are available too. Send your special requirements through the contact page and I will get back to you.

Note: The appearance of the press you receive may vary some from the one pictured as I build each one individually from materials available at the time.