Experience You Can Trust

Hi, I am Jim Poelstra, a Journeyman Cabinetmaker with 35+ years experience in the trade. I own and operate a sole proprietor cabinet shop called Heritage Crafted Interiors–founded in 1983.  In addition to building fine cabinetry, I build just about anything a customer wants, including those projects others say can’t be done.

Custom Binding Equipment Requests Welcome

Many of the products on this site originated as custom requests from customers. They turned out so well I made them part of the regular product catalog.  There are few sites selling book binding equipment and fewer still who will customize it for you.

Picture of Jim Poelstra Affordable Binding Equipment

Quality and Integrity have no fear of time

I’ll gladly consider your custom request. Let me know how I can make your book binding equipment need a reality.

Someone You Can Trust

I have been selling bookbinding equipment on eBay since 2001.  As my eBay feedback shows, I have not had a single dissatisfied customer.

Getting You Started Without Breaking the Bank

Knowing how hard it can be to get started, I have a special place in my heart for the novice book binder both in terms of how to get started and how much money some entry-level equipment costs.  I started bookbinding about twenty-five years ago and along the way became frustrated with the quality of equipment available at an affordable price.  This gave birth to the idea of making inexpensive equipment for myself and then for others.  In 2001 I started selling the simple book presses and over time expanded to building a line of simple, affordable book binding equipment.  These days I find the most satisfaction building quality equipment that other people can use.

Made in the USA

Everything is handmade here in Lodi, California, using only the best materials and finish. Customers are consistently surprised by the quality of craftsmanship and functionality of my equipment at such affordable prices.

Affordable Binding Equipment is a subsidiary of Heritage Crafted Interiors, located in Lodi, California.